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Probiotics - a healthy environment for your horse.

Probiotics are active microorganisms that have some characteristics which are much sought after in the field of cleaning.

The “friendly” bacteria in probiotic cleaners remain on surfaces after you’re done cleaning, which means it will stay cleaner for a longer period. They fight the “bad” bacteria and takes up the space these harmful pathogens try to normally occupy.

The good news is the Probiotics are:

  • harmless for humans and animals

  • provide deep microscopic cleaning with smart methods by challenging harmful bacteria

  • eliminate all organic waste

  • ensure a healthy and safe biological balance

  • actively eliminate bad odours

  • effective for several days

Probiotics gives a way to maintain a healthy interior without using chemical disinfectants. They recreate a healthy ecosystem.

We can help you with our Natural Hygiene products Biovibe Cleaner and Biovibe Stabilizer.

Biovibe Cleaner is a highly concentrated biodegradable foam cleanser, enriched with probiotics.

After dilution, the product can be used on all water-resistant surfaces. Biovibe Cleaner is a powerful cleaner and maintains a healthy microflora balance in all environments.

Biovibe Stabilizer is a strong concentrated biodegradable fluid for atomisation, enriched with probiotic bacteria. The Biovibe Stabilizer prolongs and enhances the action of the Biovibe Cleaner.

Feel free to contact us should you have further questions. We are always happy to assist.

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