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About Sanequine

Sanequine is a Belgium based company specialised in exclusive natural quality products for the horse and the environment of the stables.


Sanequine specialises in bringing to the market high value added products that have undergone  scientific testing for the horse’s comfort and wellbeing and his environment. We work in  collaborations with specialist veterinarians to bring you natural and effective products.



The Sanequine products are:


  • scientifically proven

  • safe to use with horses

  • studied to be time and cost-effective

  • non doping


Sanequine is dedicated to bringing natural solutions to support the wellbeing and performance of your equine athletes. Sanequine solutions have been adopted by top level riders and trainers around the world.


During the last Olympic Games and World Equestrian Games, more than 50% of the riders were using Sanequine products.


Sanequine is currently present with worldwide distributors in Europe , North America, Middle East and Australasia.

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Giving Back
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