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Immuno San

Immuno San Natural Nebulisation Solution 


Immuno-San is a solution for nebulisation specially formulated to support the respiratory system of performance horses. It is natural and non-testing (FEI Legal – please check with your local competition authority) .

It can be used for all horses that may need relief from compromised airways and upper respiratory tract congestion and may reduce respiratory stress when travelling or regularly competing and exposed to viruses.​

Information for use:

Using a device such as the Flexineb E3, the protocol of use is 5ml delivered twice daily, un-diluted via Flexineb.

Immuno-San is indicated  to be used for a 10 day period, repeatable as often as required. It can be beneficial at the start of training and during intense training as the special blend of essential oils may help to open and clear the airways.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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