Sanequine is dedicated to improving health and performance of horses through environmental management.

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Horses live and work in environments that challenge their immune systems and promote respiratory and systemic diseases.

Sanequine is a service that offers professional environmental analysis and provides long-term management solutions for your stables. Sanequine stems from years of experience in equine practice, it aims at improving hygiene and controlling infection in your stables.


Horses live and work in environments that challenge their immune systems and promote respiratory and systemic diseases.

Audit: Identifying critical points

The audit

Identifying critical points

Nobody’s perfect and no stables are alike. Through objective measurements and targeted sampling, Sanequine will identify the critical points that compromise your horses’ health and performances.

  • Evaluation of ventilation and humidity levels
  • Evaluation of noxious gases, fine dust and environmental contaminants
  • Evaluation of forage, bedding and water quality
  • Evaluation of building structure and materials

The report

Setting up a plan

With the complete information collected at your stables, Sanequine delivers a detailed audit report and translates it into specific measures to be taken. The implementation of the solutions will be discussed with you and your team. Too busy to do it yourself? We will do it for you! We will provide you with an overview of different categories of immediate and long-term solutions.

Treatment: getting things done

The treatment

Getting things done

Treating the environmental issues will require specific custom measures that can range from cleaning a single box to completely disinfecting a building and removing organic waste. We not only deal with boxes, but also with storage areas, vans, walkers,...

Sanequine has a range of highly technical products that are both adapted to the treatment of stables and safe to use with horses and people. Our protocols deliver long-term protection of your horses health and hygiene.

Follow up: Ensuring long-term protection

The follow-up

Ensuring long-term protection

According to the activity and configuration of your stables, Sanequine can recommend a subscription plan that will ensure that your facility stays clean, healthy and trouble-free over time and competitive seasons.

Our Gold, Silver and Bronze subscription plans provide you with equipment and products to maintain a good constant level of hygiene, in combination with regular visits and interventions from the Sanequine team.

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We are a team of skilled individuals.

Dr. Emmanuelle van Erck-Westergren
Dr. Emmanuelle van Erck-Westergren